Becool e-liquid Peach flavor 300mg pure CBD isolate


Discover Becool peach, the 300mg CBD e-liquid by Vapodiol laboratory. With this e-liquid of pure CBD isolate, you will have a one of a kind vaping experience. Associated with an aromatic recipe of sweet and ripe peach, this premium e-liquid is made with top quality ingredients, for a sweet taste with a pronounced flavor. The association of this formula with CBD gives you a highly relaxing and soothing vaping experience. The 70/30 PG/VG balance makes for a more natural vaping experience.


The association of vaping and 300mg CBD to improve your well-being in your daily life.

How can vaping improve your well-being?
Stress is the root of most of our pains. Modern life assaults and hurts us. We lack privacy, time and pure air to breathe and relax. Vapodiol commits to helping improve your well-being. Take a little time for yourself, to recharge your batteries, to reconnect with yourself. Make these simple words a reality. A unique e-liquid with peach/green tea flavors which combines sweet flavors with pure CBD isolate and its well-being properties. Vaping becomes a lifestyle, without any danger to your health.

Why should you use Becool e-liquid by Vapodiol?

  • We embrace the plant life; our products are made with CBD extracted from organic hemp.
  • We choose quality; our products are tested in laboratories.
  • We choose a wellness lifestyle with the help of the CBD molecule.
  • We appreciate fine quality and delicate flavors, without any allergen or SVHC substance (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction).
  • We trust in French expertise to make our well-being the absolute priority.
  • Quality, traceability, safety: every ingredient and flavor used in Vapodiol products have been diligently and rigorously selected to offer you the very best of CBD products!