Smokestop e-liquid Tabac flavor 500mg pure CBD isolate


Discover Smokestop tobacco flavor, Vapodiol laboratory’s signature product. This pure CBD isolate e-liquid gives you a unique vaping experience. A high-quality e-liquid, its tobacco flavor is unmatched on the market. The unique association of CBD with tobacco flavor helps consumers gradually reduce their nicotine dependence thanks to its relaxing effect on the nervous system. Its taste helps nicotine users enjoy the pleasure of a cigarette without its harmful effects. Smokestop is made with a 70/30 PG/VG balance which makes for a more natural vaping experience.


The association of vaping and 500mg CBD helps reduce your nicotine intake whilst giving  you a relaxing effect.


How can vaping CBD help reduce your nicotine intake?

Consumer-driven innovation, that is our experts’ motto, at Vapodiol. A study conducted in the United Kingdom on around thirty nicotine users highlighted that CBD would directly and significantly help reduce their addiction. Vapodiol’s researchers have therefore chosen to design a product containing all the proprieties of Full Spectrum CBD to help remedy this global nicotine health issue. Containing 500mg Full Spectrum CBD, this vape helps relieve anxiety caused by nicotine withdrawal, whilst offering a natural hemp flavor with all the numerous virtues of terpenes.


Why should you use Smokestop e-liquid by Vapodiol?

  • We embrace the plant life; our products are made with CBD extracted from organic hemp.
  • We choose quality; our products are tested in laboratories.
  • We choose a wellness lifestyle with the help of the CBD molecule.
  • We appreciate fine quality and delicate flavors, without any allergen and SVHC substance (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction).
  • We trust in French expertise to make our well-being the absolute priority.
  • Quality, traceability, safety: every ingredient and flavor used in Vapodiol products have been diligently and rigorously selected to offer you the very best of CBD products!