Fixa prodigious anti inflammatory balm 3% CBD


Discover FIXA, a 100% organic and natural formula with 900mg of CBD, from our well-being Lanvia line. Fall for this exquisite balm which help relieve symptoms associated with muscular pain. This unique association of CBD created by Lanvia is the exceptional choice for people who wish to solve their muscular problems.



Our 100% natural formula with 900mg of CBD is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a natural remedy for their muscular pain.

How Is CBD Effective When Applied Topically?

CBD balm is an excellent alternative to CBD oil or capsules to relieve pain. When applied topically, CBD has a direct effect on the painful area and will therefore be more effective on this area, compared to CBD oil which has a global effect on the body, and which therefore affects all our systems. The FIXA CBD balm contains only natural ingredients and has no side effects unlike most painkillers. It is highly appreciated by its users for its relief of joint and muscular pain, and is even used to relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis.


What Are the Effects of CBD on Your Skin?

CBD contributes to your well-being and the balance of your body. When applied topically, CBD interacts with the natural CB2 receptor which will send a signal to the endocannabinoid system, which will then reduce pain and inflammation. To relieve chronic pain, sore muscles and painful joints, hemp oil-based cosmetics contain omega 3,6,9, gamma-Linolenic acid, and amino acids which have a direct impact on the quality of your skin, making it smoother and firmer. They also act directly to combat skin problems like psoriasis or eczema.

Numerous customers’ testimonies also report a significat improvement of their skin issues after using CBD cosmetics on a daily basis.


Organic Hemp Extract Devoid of THC

Our CBD is directly extracted from non-modified and organically grown plants. We only work with hemp growers who select the plants with a high level of CBD and from which any trace of THC has been removed during the extraction process. As a consequence, THC level does not exceed 0.02%, which suppresses any psychoactive effect while maintaining all the benefits. All other cannabinoids and terpenes are 100% natural so as to obtain a Full Spectrum CBD oil.